Online Bill Payment

Paying bills. As much fun as watching paint peel. Nobody likes to have bills, or having to take time to pay them. But with the dawn of online banking comes the service that almost makes paying bills fun - Online Bill Payment. Okay, maybe it doesn't quite make paying bills fun, but it sure makes it a lot easier.

This FREE service in Online Banking lets you set up payments to nearly any person or company electronically. You can do a one time bill payment, or set up recurring payments. No more writing checks, running to the post office or buying stamps. 

To get started, log into Online Banking and click on the "Start Using Bill Payment" banner. There is a one-time enrollment process prior to using Online Bill Payment. But once set up, look out. You may actually like paying bills!


New online Bill Pay is here!

On Tuesday (12/07), all members with a checking account, will have access to our new Bill Pay when they login to our Online Banking.

Our new Bill Pay includes all of the following:

  • A clean, easy to read payments dashboard which includes payees, pending payments and payment history.

  • The ability to pay individuals (P2P) via email, text, direct deposit or by check.

  • The ability to use your Amazon Alexa device to pay your bills!

Existing Bill Pay Users:

  • All existing payees and payment schedules will transfer to the new Bill Pay.

  • Unfortunately, all previous Bill Pay history will not transfer to the new Bill Pay.

To see a demo of our new Bill Pay site, click HERE.

To learn more about how to use the new Bill Pay site, use the Help which includes all of the Bill Pay functions.  The Help link is available at the bottom of the demo site.





Next, use the "Learn how to:" menu for more detailed tutorials.

















Please note that information related to Voice Pay is available in the Help tutorials but not on the Demo site.

Finally, we will also be updating our Online/Mobile Banking, as well as Mobile Deposit, in the spring of 2022!   Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available.