Classic Checking

Classic Checking Account in Des Moines, IA

Sometimes too fancy is too much of a hassle. If you like to keep things simple and not worry about minimum balances, our Classic Checking Account is for you. You'll enjoy easy access and overdraft protection along with these features:

  • No minimum balance requirements.

  • Free standard design checks (up to 175 per quarter)*

  • Unlimited ACH (Automated Clearing House) withdrawals

  • Up to 30 withdrawals per month at no charge.

  • Unlimited debit card withdrawals

  • Up to 8 ATM card withdrawals with no Financial Plus charge

  • Unlimited Online Bill Payment usage

  • Courtesy Pay Overdraft Privilege

*Member pays postage.

** Please note that the Classic Checking option does not pay dividends. If you are looking for an interest bearing account, please check out our Plus Checking option.

Open an Account today!

Opening a Classic Checking Account with Financial Plus is a safe way to stash your cash. While it may seem better to keep your cash on you and safely stored in your home, the reality is that if something happens to your home and your money is gone or stolen, you cannot get that money back. It is gone forever. However, when you store it at Financial Plus, you’ll never have to worry about that. Putting money into a checking account helps you build and access credit, so many doors open when you have good standing credit. You can also budget and save more easily if you can see and access your account online through Financial Plus. You can plan for the future and feel confident in your plans when you can keep track of your money. We’re here to help you gain confidence in your budgeting abilities but also to offer you the chance to start building for a better future. Open a classic checking account in Des Moines, IA, today with Financial Plus to start building your future.  

You can also find our Balancing Form here, and Order Checks here.