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30+ years

I love my credit union as they have always been there for me. When I lost my husband several years ago they were very kind and helped me resolve several issues that had come up. I trust them. I moved out of state for several years and when I came back I got my same account number back. They even said welcome back to Iowa...it was nice. :-) 

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Lori O.
Life line to me

Financial Plus Credit Union, is like a life line to me. I  have been a member for over 20 years and can only say good things about them! No matter how difficult the problem is, they are patient with me and gets it worked out. They are courteous and act just like family to me. I  am 75 years old, and my mobile banking skills are not the greatest, but they took time explained it all to me. Now I  can check my balance, transfer from one account to another! They are GREAT!

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Edna V.
THE place for service!

I have been a member since I started work at NW Bell Telephone Company. I have used FPCU to finance EVERY vehicle I have bought over the last 42 years. I have also utilized FPCU for home improvement loans, and loans to send my children to college. It is THE place for service!

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William G.
It's a tradition

My mom started savings accounts for me and my 3 children years ago at Financial Plus Credit union. Now my grandkids have savings accounts with you. It is a tradition now, have to keep it going!

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Nancy C.
Proud to be a member

  1. It’s a (non-profit) financial “cooperative” which means that its member-owned, safe, and trustworthy.

  2. FPCU provides a full array of services.  I've used checking and savings, credit card, auto loan, home mortgage and refinance, wire transfer, and Kirby Club for my kids. 

  3. Financial Plus employees are friendly and helpful!

I joined Financial Plus 50 years ago because my sister worked there and family members were allowed to join even though its purpose was to serve employees of Northwestern Bell. It was named Telco Credit Union at the time. I’ve also used other credit unions when I didn’t live in Des Moines and banks too, but Financial Plus has a special place in my heart because of its service and our history. I’m proud to be a member.

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Betty B.
Over 40 years

We have had car loans, home loans, checking, savings, cert. of deposit and money market with Financial Plus. Very few problems in 40 years, and if there was one, a resolution was a phone call or visit away. Customer service is great and haven't regretted being a member for all these years.

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Michael W.
Very child-friendly

I love Financial Plus Credit Union because it is very child-friendly and has presented numerous opportunities for me to teach my children about the importance of Savings and Financial Literacy.

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Alycia G.
Won't go anywhere else

Been with FPCU since the beginning. Started when Telco! Won’t go elsewhere. BEST!!

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Julian C.
I love FPCU!

They make everything so easy, from mobile deposits to online banking. The staff is always very helpful and friendly. And you can't beat the member benefit and rates!!!!

Thank you FPCU!

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Wendy H.
Long time member

As a long time member I love my Financial Plus Credit Union because when ever I go the staff is very friendly AND knowledgeable!!!

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Donovan G.
Super friendly & helpful

They have a warm greeting when you walk in. They are super friendly & helpful. They answer questions. They always have a smile.

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Darcy D.
Always kind and available

I like FPCU because they are always kind and available to help with my financial needs. They have never cheated me or treated me bad.  Also, years ago they allowed other companies to join when they were Telco CU. I have been a member ever since. 

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Candy S.
I love my credit union

I love my credit union because of all member benefits good loan rates friendly and fast service. Outstanding employees and has treats for my dog.

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David M.

I love the credit union because it teaches me how to keep track of my money and helps me with saving for a college fund or an emergency related fund.

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Raysaun F