VISA Reloadable & Gift Cards

VISA Gift Cards

The Financial Plus VISA Gift Card can be used almost everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. Your recipient can register the card so they can see their purchases and remaining balance online, but also in case they lose the card - it can be replaced.

Buy someone a prepaid gift card at any Financial Plus office. Purchase the card for $2.00 in any whole dollar increment between $25.00-$750.00.

Stop by any of our locations to purchase or to learn more!

VISA Reloadable Cards

A reloadable prepaid VISA card works just like a debit card and can be used anywhere a VISA card is accepted. You can also access your funds at an ATM. With a reloadable card, you are in control. Load the amount you want on to the card and have the ability to spend only what is available. You can also reload the card and it use again and again!

It makes an excellent financial training tool for teens or comes in handy if you are planning on traveling and don't want to carry cash. If you don't have a checking account, the reloadable VISA card makes it easy to deposit and manage your funds without having to pay check cashing fees or buy money orders. 

You can purchase the card for $4.95 with a $2.95 monthly fee. If you reload $25.00 or more each month, the monthly fee is waived.

Contact our office to learn more or to purchase your reloadable card!