Savings Account Options in Des Moines, IA

It's important to budget and to save. At Financial Plus, we offer you many different ways to save. Saving and budgeting are how you go from living paycheck to paycheck to having a monetary cushion in place. It all starts with a savings account—that’s where we can help. There are a few reasons that it’s better to put your money away into a savings account than to stash it at home or into your checking account. To start a savings account with us, you don’t need a large initial deposit. While it seems simple, when you put money into a savings account, it starts earning interest in that account. Your money earns money. When you open a savings account, it can help you create a discipline to make saving a regular thing. Let’s face it—sometimes, finding extra funds to set aside isn’t always easy. Setting up automatic deposits into your savings account can help you build up your savings habitually. You’d be surprised at how quickly the money adds up! Just a little each check will make a huge difference. Opening a savings account keeps your money both secure and accessible. It is there for you to take out and use for either emergencies or a rainy day; either way, you have the money available while keeping it safe. Whether you’re looking to start your saving journey or are setting aside money for holiday shopping, a trip, education, retirement, or a new bicycle, you know you can depend on Financial Plus to be your best choice! Our experts are here to help you decide what kind of savings account is best for you and your goals. We can make sure you reach the goals you set for your money.

Check out our different savings account options and products here:

Basic Savings
Special Purpose Savings
Money Market Savings
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)