COVID-19 Response

A message from our President/CEO

We continue to think of you and all our members during the coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19).  We want you to know that we’re not going anywhere, because at its core, our credit union is not a building or a business, its people unified for a common goal of financial well-being.

These are difficult times for everyone, and we know that some of your biggest payments are due soon.  If you’ve been economically impacted by this pandemic and are concerned about your bills, our staff is dedicated to working with and helping you through these uncertain times. Now, more than ever, we are here to support our members. Read more about specific relief programs we are offering below. 

Please be extra aware that scammers are using this situation to take advantage of people through phishing emails. These emails will claim to be from legitimate organizations with information about the coronavirus, requesting that you click on links or attachments for details. We encourage you to always identify the sender, avoid any emails that encourage you to “act now,” and never respond to a message directly.  Please see the Scams/Fraud section below for more information.

Our staff is taking extra precautions to remain healthy so they can continue to serve you…our members.   That means we need your help and ask that you please not visit our drive-up lanes if you are not feeling well.  Give us a call and we will find a healthy solution to meet your financial needs.

Please take care of yourself and those around you. We will continue to update this page with the latest information and please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance. 

Cooperatively yours,

Dave J. Cale

Important Branch Notices

After thoughtful consideration and notification that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread within our community, FPCU has decided to temporarily suspend all branch lobby services at our four branches in the Des Moines area starting Tuesday, March 17. It is our hope that by doing so, we will do our part to limit the spread of the virus, as we are committed to remaining fully staffed and ready to assist our members to the best of our abilities during this time.

How do I do my banking?
The drive up windows will remain open during normal business hours, and we will continue to provide phone banking, online and mobile banking, and in-branch services such as mortgage closings, safe deposit box access, etc., by appointment only. If you need to schedule an appointment to come in, please call us at 1-800-234-5628.

It is also important to note that our debit and credit cards are Mobile Wallet compatible, making it so you can load them into your phone, and pay without having to touch the keypads at the store.

Additionally, technology has made it possible to do all of your banking needs from home. This includes signing your loan document papers. FPCU offers DocuSign technology so that members can apply, and securely sign documents digitally through email. If you have questions about this service, please contact your loan officer.

Relief Programs

We have the following relief efforts for our members with loans:

  • Free Skip-A-Payments, for qualifying loans.

  • 90 Day Payment Loan Modifications to help you make it through a temporary reduction income due to COVID-19.

  • Credit Card Skip-A-Payments:  All members that have credit card accounts older than two months and in good standing will automatically receive a waived payment for the months of May and June (appearing on their June & July statements). On your statement, the Minimum Payment will state "SKIP PAY ENABLED." Members with automatic credit card payments set up and want to take advantage of this benefit will need to contact their financial institution where the funds are coming from to stop the payment. Members may make a normal payment; the choice is theirs. Watch your credit card statement for more information.

  • Credit Card No Interest & No Fees: In addition to the credit card skip-a-payment, we will waive interest and fees for the months of May and June. Watch your credit card statement for more information.


Please read these resources for information on current COVID-19 scams and fraud instances that could affect you.

If you want to learn more about COVID-19, visit the CDC's resource center or the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Government Action That May Impact You

The CARES Act was recently signed into law and includes several provisions aimed at helping Americans stay engaged in the economy through the month of April and help you with your bills. Here are some highlights that may directly impact you:

Stimulus payments:  Most Americans are eligible to receive a stimulus payment from the government in the next few weeks. These payments are based on your most recent tax filing. Members who are receiving Social Security retirement and disability payments will also receive a stimulus payment. To learn more about these payments and to see if you’re eligible, click here.  

Unemployment Payments:  If you file for unemployment benefits, you can expect an extra $600 per week on top of your normal unemployment benefit for the next 4 months as a result of the CARES Act. The unemployment benefit time period has been increased to 39 weeks.