How do I enroll as a new user for online banking?

  1. Navigate to the online login screen at the top right of FPCU screen. 

  2. Click First time user? Enroll now Under the login prompt.

  3. Enter the primary member’s SSN, account number, email address, and phone number and click Next

  4. Set up 2-step verification 

    1. When the protect your account with 2-step verification screen appears, select Get Started.

    2. Select an option from Choose your verification method screen. 

      1. Voice or Text Message – Verification codes are sent to your phone. 

      2. Email - Verification codes are sent to your inbox. 

      3. Authy – Use the Authy app to generate a unique code to authenticate your account.  

      4. Authenticator App – Banno can support any authenticator app using either a QR code scan or manual code entry. 

    3. Select Done

  5. Read the user agreement, and then select Agree

  6. Create a username and password by entering information in the Username and Password fields, and then select Next. The end-user can see username and password rules by selecting Show rules.

  7. The Dashboard screen for online banking appears. 

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