Welcome To Our New Web Site

March 31, 2014

Just like everything else at Financial Plus, members will get something better with a new Financial Plus web site. That "something better" is more than a snazzy new look. The new site offers members more information they can use, not just on products and services, but information to make good financial decisions, protect their money and credit, and know the latest news from Financial Plus.

"How can I save a million dollars?" That is just one of sixteen new financial calculators available on the new Financial Plus web site. Whether it is for a bit of dreaming, serious goal planning, or some fast number crunching, members will be able to come to the Financial Plus site to help with their financial decisions regarding home and personal financing as well as saving and investing. Besides the new calculators, the web site includes a Security Center. "Since security is always in the news and people care about the security of their money, it only made sense that we offer more resources around this subject," said Dave Cale, president of the credit union. The Security Center will let members know about any fraud alerts going on from both the credit union and the Federal Trade Co

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